De Transformatie Groep is an entrepreneurial consultancy company. With our experience in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship and consulting we aim to achieve impact with our clients. We believe that passion, innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations are essential for achieving sustainable value in a rapidly changing world.

In co-creation with leadership teams and talents we realize new insights and connections for our customers. Building successful organizations gives us our energy. It is our passion to help organizations, and teams and leaders, to move forward, always with the aim of increasing their impact.

Our Vision

“A unique vision of value creation and high-performance teams is essential for organizations to unlock the full potential of all people”


Develop vision on value creation

A unique vision of creating value for customers, shareholders and other stakeholders is a solid basis. Once they have that, an organization can then focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. This vision provides distinctive value and is a source of passion for both the employees in an organization and its customers.

Value creation - RAI

Build high-performance

High-performance teams are needed in order to realize the value of working with this common vision. Collaboration, the power of difference, trust and leadership are all essential ingredients if high-performance teams are to achieve their desired results.

Unlock the full potential of the organization

An organization can have great potential for knowledge, creativity and intrinsic motivation. A successful organization is one which is aimed at all its employees when exploring and unlocking potential with inspirational leadership. Once this is achieved everyone feels the responsibility for the results and impact.

High Impact Scan

Our Approach

We facilitate a process which our customers should always be able to make by themselves. We believe in the power of co-creation, catalyzing insights, connection and innovation. That is why we always develop, in co-creation with our clients, a tailor-made approach. With sharp analysis, focused team sessions and inspirational programmes in nature , we are able to help organizations increase their impact.

Our Clients

Our Team

Our Friends

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